About Me: Camille Hansen


I am a Male to Female Transgender Woman wanting to share her experiences of transitioning, gender identity, and being a woman in today’s society.

I was born/ assigned male at birth named Marc Edan Hansen. At an early age, I have felt a calling to become my true self as Camille.  It wasn’t until later in life at 42 that I began to transition from male to female. The journey has been the most fulfilling and challenging experience of my life.  Along the way, I felt the love and support of many friends and family as I become my authentic self.

This blog is about me exploring my gender transition from Male to Female.  It’s a perspective of my self-transformation as a Transgender Woman discovering and finding my true identity. Going beyond the beauty normative and creating a new brand of beauty.  It’s about the individualistic journey and the struggle I have to redefine myself beyond the normative social culture.  I am documenting my transition on this blog, and plan to write a memoir about my journey to womanhood in the coming years.


Questions I want to explore are:

  • What does it mean to be Transgender?
  • How do I transition from Male to Female?
  • How do I find relief from my Gender Dysphoria?
  • How can I achieve a Feminine Appearance?
  • What are the Surgeries and Medical Steps for Feminization?
  • How Do I change my ID’s and Documents to reflect my new name and gender?
  • Once I transition, what will my daily life be?
  • What is my new definition of Beauty?
  • Can a Transgender Woman be a Fashion Model?
  • What is the path to reach my authentic self?

These are the questions I obsess about every night.  My name is Camille, and it’s nice to meet you.💋

Camille 💋

*Camille Hansen currently lives in Denver, Colorado. She works at a technology company for her daily income and a blogger, transgender model, DJ as her passion projects. She holds a Masters Degree from Denver University in Marketing with New Media and Professional Communications.


Email: Camille@fallingforcamille.com