Month: May 2014

An Upside Down Rose Cross

    For most occultists, they want to be a part of a secret society and to be trained and programed into an occult master.  For me, this was the intent of my Rosicrucian adventure.  Today, I am torn by this affiliation due to the lack of respect for free thought by many Rosicrucians while others demand the freedom to challenge, rearrange, and de-program … Read More An Upside Down Rose Cross

The Crossroads

Three Paths of The Crossroads: Nature Based: Science, Healing, Balanced Service Based: The Advancing Of Humanity Conscious Based: Mono-Mythology It’s been a while since I blogged about the occult, so here I am. When I was at the crossroads of where I wanted to go, I actually stayed stuck there for a while. It wasn’t about trying to find what I was interested in, … Read More The Crossroads