Month: September 2014

A Thought About Spells

When practicing magic with a darker intention, you have to know yourself! There is no way around this. Many witches a drawn to the left hand path for the excuse to become evil or run wild without any consequences. There could be nothing further from the truth. When you practice magic without moral judgements and the ability to use black and/or white magic, the … Read More A Thought About Spells

The Inner Temple To The Left

The Inner Temple To The Left My initial journey to the Inner Left Temple was inspired from fashion and the interest in the Goth/Industrial culture. I was positive that this journey would inspire Sex, Drugs, and Goth n Roll on a wild journey. What I found instead was something completely different. As I began to follow this path, the first steps was based on … Read More The Inner Temple To The Left

Pat Crowther/Aradia Coven Chant

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Dark Witchcraft as a Science and Art:

When exploring dark witchcraft, there is a distinct separation when I approach it as a science and an art. As a science, I use it as a form of a transformative psychology experience to heal my anxiety and assign meaning to lives experiences. In a past post, I mentioned creating a personal mythology. Using transpersonal psychology is based on Jungian psychology using archetypes as … Read More Dark Witchcraft as a Science and Art:

THE HEIGHT OF GOTH: 1984 Documentary

The Occult Experience

The Occult Experience  Recently I challenged myself to a question that seemed really easy to answer until I went searching for a more truthful answer.  That question was this, “Why do you study the Occult?”  Seems easy enough right? After the first responses of, “Because I do” and “It’s who I am”, I began going deeper to get to the real truth. When I … Read More The Occult Experience

The Occult Experience (1970) Documentary