A Thought About Spells

When practicing magic with a darker intention, you have to know yourself! There is no way around this. Many witches a drawn to the left hand path for the excuse to become evil or run wild without any consequences. There could be nothing further from the truth. When you practice magic without moral judgements and the ability to use black and/or white magic, the responsibility for your actions increase. If it’s one thing I’ve learned in exploring the dark, every action has a reaction. Even something as simple as a love spell can cause a chain reaction where the final outcome is nothing close to what I had in mind. The black magician must have a very clear intention and good reason to study the craft and use magic in their everyday life. Most of my magick is focused on self improvement and self transformation. As tempting as it is to do money spells, love spells, and curses, I know as soon as I involved other people the outcome could get messy. My focus has always been on self improvement when it came to black magick and any spell I plan to do, both positive and negative. I use myself as a test subject before involving anyone else or doing spells where the desired outcome will affect other people. Many times, if I’m feeling the need to curse, manifest love or money, or any other types of spell work, there usually is a deeper need. It’s so easy to blame others for my lack of success that I like to keep myself in check by doing spell-work on my own problems before I attack another. I think of Black Magick like martial arts, just because you know how to fight, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to do. This type of self discipline is needed when using black magick. If I had to give the beginning magician one piece of advise, it would be to use magick for yourself and never involve other people unless it is an absolute must. You could end up hurting yourself and others, even when you’re trying to help.

The Inner Temple To The Left

The Inner Temple To The Left

My initial journey to the Inner Left Temple was inspired from fashion and the interest in the Goth/Industrial culture. I was positive that this journey would inspire Sex, Drugs, and Goth n Roll on a wild journey. What I found instead was something completely different. As I began to follow this path, the first steps was based on Death Culture. Not in the sense that I was expecting, but in a very isolated, regressed, and anxiety filled experience that pushed my limits more than I was comfortable with. For the last two years, I walked everyday with intense feelings of dread and emptiness. Not to sound over dramatic, but I felt as if death was at my door each and every day. I became fascinated with death and all of its ugliness and even made peace with. When I felt I hit rock bottom, I found a new sense of self and a connection with the black goddess Kali like I never have before. Looking back at my Inner Temple experience, I was finding a deeper foundation to magick and letting go of the goth culture image I wanted it to be. In short, I found the real experience behind the facade. I healed old scars, faced my anxiety disorder, and focused on a deep level of physical and mental healing. What a fucking journey! Right now, I am writing this in a gypsy coffee shop in downtown Denver feeling a need just to get this off my chest. I feel like a survivor of an invisible war, a solider that came out the other side as something better than I could ever imagine. If I had it to do over again, I would love to have the peace, love and happiness that most feel. But for me, the only way I could see the light was to be in the dark. I guess the dark is my home, it’s the only place I can truly see my light shine. 

Dark Witchcraft as a Science and Art:


When exploring dark witchcraft, there is a distinct separation when I approach it as a science and an art. As a science, I use it as a form of a transformative psychology experience to heal my anxiety and assign meaning to lives experiences. In a past post, I mentioned creating a personal mythology. Using transpersonal psychology is based on Jungian psychology using archetypes as a way to understand your mind.  The bridge of the occult and Jung is nothing new, but serves an excellent method for understanding the modern science behind my fascination with the occult. Transpersonal psychology is a method to experience identity beyond the individual to encompass the psyche. I lean on this when my occult experiences become too lucid, and I need to return to reality and my everyday life without losing my thought process.  This approach is very helpful when dealing with the darker aspects of witchcraft, and I go beyond my comfort zone in some dark literature and rituals.

The art is where the true magick happens.  Using occult ritual as a physical art form using music, poetry, and visuals are where I find the true experience. Having the artistic freedom to explore myself is what brought me to the occult and specifically darker witchcraft when I was a teenager. Being involved with witchcraft both logically and creatively gives me the entire spectrum I crave in the craft.  In witchcraft terms, I see this as a union of the God (logic) and Goddess (art).  I don’t use this as gender roles, but as a representation of polarity magick and psychological sex magick.  The union of the two create a complete mind and keeps me centered.  I term this as the “sex” of the gods and goddesses and separate the term of gender for the arts.  I use the term gender to signify the masculine and feminine aspects of the gods and goddesses. For instance, I consider myself a very feminine man even though my biology (sex) is male. Using gender as a term for the arts gives me the freedom to interact with the gods and goddesses as a gender outlaw.  For me, a gender outlaw is one who drifts from the assigned gender roles of society with a freedom of artistic expression.

To sum up, I categorize the sex of the Gods and Goddess in terms of sex magick in the forms of Gods (Logic) and Goddesses (Arts) that is ruled by the Gods.  The aspects of Gender Gods (Masculine) and Goddesses (Feminine) to give the freedom for gender outlaws like myself to artistically express myself in a realm ruled by the Goddesses. This approach may be an overcomplicated way to approach witchcraft, but it helps keep a balance for polarity magick in both worlds, the worlds of the Gods and Goddesses. For me, this brings magick into my everyday life as well as my inner journey making it an experience that involves every aspect of my life.

The Occult Experience

The Occult Experience 

152139090-Skull on booksRecently I challenged myself to a question that seemed really easy to answer until I went searching for a more truthful answer.  That question was this, “Why do you study the Occult?”  Seems easy enough right? After the first responses of, “Because I do” and “It’s who I am”, I began going deeper to get to the real truth. When I posed the hypothetical question to myself of, “What if science proved that the Occult doesn’t exist and is nothing more than a psychosis expressed through ritual, would you still follow it?”  I had to answer honestly, YES! At the end of the experience, I’m not as concerned with if the supernatural really exists or if it’s all in my head as much as having an Occult Experience.  I recently posted a couple of documentaries on The Occult Experience that was done like a propaganda film meets soft porn that shows the ridiculous and bizarre nature of different belief systems.  But it did get me to ask, what was my Occult experience.

I was able to narrow it down to this: My Occult experience is to find my Social and Sexual Identity and ways to navigate my thoughts of Power, War, and Seduction with spiritual and meaningful significance.  In short, the occult is a way for me to navigate my social and sexual self in the world to help strengthen relationships and healthy boundaries with society.  My first experiences in the occult was sexual, I wanted to find a deeper level of relationships and the ability to have the flare and excitement that witchcraft could offer me.  Lets face it, dancing naked with a bunch of strangers can be mystical and sexually exciting.  The goals was to find true love and an experience that would last a lifetime.  During my twenties, I began to feel un-noticed and taken advantage of which launched me to using the occult as a way of gaining personal power and self defense. At the heart of it, I wanted to learn the a way of gaining personal power and the strategies of war. My goals wasn’t to cause pain and suffering, but to be able to protect myself and gain the self confidence to know when to turn the other cheek and when to strike back.  Needless to say, my twenties was filled with stomping and dominance until I found a healthy balance of using the occult for this purpose.

Now that I’m older, I find myself using three modes of ritual and three different belief systems all tied to the occult.  When I want to use the occult rituals for sex, seduction, healing and love, I turn to witchcraft.  My main influence is The Witch’s Bible by Janet Farrar.  This was the book I found in my youth and still is the most powerful book to inspire those traits in myself. The next on the list is occult rituals for power, for this I turn to satanism.  Anton Laveys Satanic Bible is a great place to turn for personal power and a bump in narcissistic behavior. These books, as most of you know, turns you towards worshipping yourself and giving a boost of personal power when you need to face the world with a strong belief in yourself.  For the aspects of war, destruction, and self defense, I turn to Simon’s Necronomicon. Although this book is seen as a joke by some and just plain fantasy, I find the imagery and the world of Giger’s Necronomicon to inspire the strength and will power to defend and stand up for myself.

The three modes of ritual and the belief systems to match has been the foundation of my Occult Experience for decades now. I always find myself reaching to these books whenever I need to get the motivation, inspiration, and willpower to move ahead.  Even though some witches would look down at combining witchcraft, satanism, and the necronomicon, I feel these three work beautifully together and create an entire system that is flexible and adaptable to any and all situations for my purposes. I would love to hear what books you guys reach for and an overall system of magick you like to use.

Books Mentioned: Links to Amazon

Witch’s Bible: The Complete Handbook: Janet and Stweart Farrar

The Satanic Bible: Anton Lavey

The Necronomicon: Simon