Month: November 2014

Empty Temples Of Temptation

I know her heart had faith in me In an empty temple of shallow masses The rain colors the streets The doors are open But I can’t see through the smoke It’s darkened air Sheltered souls wonder the brick path With cloaks as their shelter With the chanting of the future echoes From the temple Each lesson is followed by a bell Each lesson … Read More Empty Temples Of Temptation

Judgement Day

Orange skies and a yellow moon Coat the action of the day The smell of day leaves burning And the sound of sour vivid blooming Red broken hills rise from the ground Candlelight escapes Creating a new sun A new focus Heavy storms comes when the clouds roll in Tragedy is surely calling This land is ruled by the sun Humanity is slowly falling … Read More Judgement Day

Stone Walls

The ceiling is your road Follow the dotted line It could be the last thing You ever see The alarm went off It’s time Don’t cry Please You didn’t wish it on me Nothing will change All the hearts are the same Peeking from the clouds I see you visiting my home Spinning and dancing Skipping over stones Until you hear the news The … Read More Stone Walls