Month: April 2015

Liebster Award!!!

Originally posted on Mechanical Labyrinth:
Ed@n nominated me for the award a few months ago, sorry I’m only getting to this now *blush*, check his blog out at FallenFuries. Here the rules of the award: – Post the award on your blog. – Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog. – Write 11 random facts about yourself. – Nominate…

The Highway

The sun lays down to rest Behind the shadowed mountains You follow the road Dusty boots and second thoughts Waiting for someone to accept your world Take you for a ride When you’re alone You have no town, no home A nomad of the highway You watch the blonde and brunette cars pass by Dead trees are like old friends They know your name … Read More The Highway

City Magick Part II

As a continuation from my rant from yesterday, I had a eureka moment this week.  For decades, I have been trying to study witchcraft with fluctuations of high and low success.  I would feel myself becoming resentful and jealous at wilderness retreats where my fellow witches would get a surge of energy.  I felt that the outdoors felt like a hospital, it was a … Read More City Magick Part II

City Magick Part I

So many books on witchcraft revolve around the energy of mother earth and nature.  While I love and honor nature, I seem to get more energy from the city.  The skyscrapers of New York and the concrete jungle is where I feel at home.  I live in Denver, but I rarely go to the mountains to get refreshed or energy for magical work.  The … Read More City Magick Part I