Liars Courtroom

Liars Courtroom: 

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I am troubled as night falls

I can feel my state in the rain

Your words took flight without wings

In the air

They concealed what your eye can not see

Double your pleasure

Doesn’t do her justice

But only a single word could touch this

Do the scriptures tell a terrible lie?

Or do they explain whats behind her eyes

Slam the door

Turn out the lights

The truth is about to begin

Everyone please use your phony smiles

The truth of sin is in

Reveal whats in the sky

Forbid me to see whats in the dust

You will not reveal my only shovel

Colored and painted trust

Hard sand lies in a grave in the back of your mind

Keep digging! I keep yelling

It’s all a waste of time

The truth is reversed

Building a wall

With graffiti that spites my name

Too late!

I see through your lies

Causing my civil war of pain

I am sorry if I offended you

I have caught you in lies

The truth was all I asked from you

Do you relate?

The feeling of your world unite

To spite the fate of a scandalous life

Order in the court!

Be seated in your class of dreams

I’ve said it quietly

So now I’ll scream

The civil war is not new to you

Unseen indigo storms

Without proof

The candle rises with the warmth and your smile

Singing sweet lullabies

To dissipate the clouds

Knowing the indigo flags

From words that you disguise

The time I spent is uncontrollable bliss

That I see when we undress

When you are done

Roaring in the skies

You will receive this

And know exactly why

All good things they say never last

Love was never love


Sexual Metamorphosis by Jonathan Ames


I’m currently reading this book and absolutly LOVE IT!!!!  It’s a must for anyone who wants a taste of all the diffent types of transgender journeys there are out there.  It’s amazing how many things we share and how unique our journey is at the same time.



(Book blurb copied from

But who could describe my fright when, on the next morning, I awoke and found myself feeling as if completely changed into a woman. — Case 129, Autobiography, from Psychopathia Sexualis, a Medico-Forensic Study by Richard Von Krafft-Ebing

At the time the passage above was written, people who felt trapped in the wrong gender automatically became case-studies. Today they become the men and women they always felt they were. Transsexuals test our notions of what it is to be male or female and, more provocatively, what it means to be one self as opposed to another. “Their stories,” says Jonathan Ames, “hold the appeal of an adventurer’s tale.”

In Sexual Metamorphosis, Ames presents the personal narratives of seventeen gender pioneers. Here is Christine Jorgensen, the first celebrity transsexual, greeting thousands of well-wishers from the stage of Madison Square Garden. Here is Caroline Cossey, former model and Bond (as in James) girl, being outed in the tabloid press. Here is novelist and English professor Jennifer Finney Boylan discussing her impending transformation with her heartbroken spouse and supportive yet confused colleagues. The result is a fascinating and compulsively readable book, filled with anguish, introspection and courage.

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