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While this picture may not look like me, it was my first glance at Camille.  During my years of Gender Dysphoria and anxiety attacks, curiosity began to rise.  What if…What if I just did it.  Went for the transition! The next thing you know, I was downloading a Gender Bender APP on my iPhone just to see what I could look like.  I took a selfie and hit the magic button…BAM! There was Camille.  A silly APP became a breath-taking experience for me.  For the first time I saw a woman with my eyes! My nose! In some ways just seeing a glimpse of Camille outside of my head was just the thing I needed to begin researching Transgender, MtF (Male to Female) and the steps it takes to change genders.  Here’s a copy of that picture.  This was the first time I saw her! The first time I saw Camille.

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