I am a huge fan of this channel on YouTube.  I didn’t make these videos but wanted to share her work with you 🙂

Her YouTube Channel can be found below:

The Transition Channel

2 Comments on “Info on Hormones Part 3

  1. Her videos are incredibly well-worth watching. She describes so much of what I’ve felt and experienced, but it can be important to hear another person voice those things and it makes you realize that you aren’t alone or crazy or wrong. And that’s huge for many of us transgenders, because most of us have grown up in environments where we felt like we were alone, crazy and wrong.

    Somehow I’ve managed to get to the point of laying the groundwork to when I will come out openly as transgender and it’s been the best damn thing I’ve ever done, as suddenly I feel such a sense of coming alive without guilt and without fear. That doesn’t mean I think everything is going to go smoothly or without difficulties in the reactions by some others, but I’ll take those over living the lie that I did for so many years.


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    • That’s so inspirational to me ❤️ I’m still laying the foundation and feel the same way. The other day I noticed how many people smile at me when I’m not looking at the ground. I realized that I really did spend 30+ years just staring at the ground when I was out. It’s nice to look up and join the human race ☺️

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