Month: August 2016


Mini Photoshoot

A mini photoshoot by my amazing hair stylist Sanja Hodzic from Lux De Ville Denver, Colorado Hair And Make-Up: Sanja Hodzic: Lux De Ville Salon


Unexpected Guest

Unexpected Guest:  Upsy Daisy lazy sinner A new day faces you Will you follow the light of the north or the south? It is the 7th day I pray 2 thee To free her of pain and mockery Screaming at the unborn eye Of pampered love and strange requests That only happens when she’s undressed Pray for death to free your life From the … Read More Unexpected Guest


Recommended Reading: Transgender: The Transgender Mirror Effect by: Jessica Hamilton

Every now and then I like to recommend books and audio books I found helpful in my transition.  I recently listened to Transgender: The Transgender Mirror Effect by Jessica Hamilton (on Audible) and loved it.  It’s a great overview of being transgender and gives valuable insight for those who need an introduction to this world.  If your transgender, you know how many times you … Read More Recommended Reading: Transgender: The Transgender Mirror Effect by: Jessica Hamilton



Time: We are gathered here today To regard time Bow your heads Put it to rest This future is By far the best The labyrinth of emotions Was brought on by you What can I say about this beloved soul Purple at times Then blue without a goal The one that will always be by your side Die within a minute Reborn at the … Read More Time

Going on Hormones with a Mental Health Diagnosis–HRT

I am a huge fan of this channel on YouTube.  I didn’t make these videos but wanted to share her work with you 🙂 Her YouTube Channel can be found below: The Transition Channel


The Revolution

The Revolution: When two are in love It’s not boy meets girl It’s girl meets girl As one A one night stand Is the playground that creates a madman When a heart is saddened By the thought of a woman face The sounds of crying Caused by lying Curses made in the dark Unsheltered hearts look for cover From the rain of pain The … Read More The Revolution