I haven’t had this much Gender Dysphoria and anxiety in a long time. Why the hell does it hit so hard and out of nowhere 😞 I realized getting misgendered on the phone for 40 hours a week has put me in a depression. Ugh…. I wish so much that didn’t tear me down so much. (Sorry for the rant) I need to work on my voice or get some major coping skills.

2 Comments on “Gender Dysphoria 

  1. You asked, “why does it hit so hard and out of nowhere?” i very much understand your question though. i knew that i was a girl when i was 5 but have never been brave enough to do anything about it. i am 58 years old now and it still hits me soo hard. i have never understood why i feel the way i do, it’s not logical and the pain that comes with this is not because of anything that i have done wrong. i can handle my own pain though but being the source of pain for those i love is almost more than i can stand. Some days i close my eyes and just feel that i am me completely and wholly a l it.ady. Your post means soo much to me, thank you for writing

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