Month: July 2017


Getting Voice Feminization Surgery Today ❤️

Getting Voice Feminization Surgery Today ❤️


Don’t care

Dark circles and bruises….. No Makeup…. don’t care


Voice Feminzation 

Omg!!! I have Voice Feminization Surgery in a week❤️❤️❤️


Good Morning 

Femininity Guide For Trans Women

Great Article ❤️ Transgender Magazine Transgender women are unapologetically fashion conscious; they have an insatiable desire to look more feminine. Just like cisgender women, they always want to look younger and prettier. If you visit any Transgender Dating Site, you will be surprised and awed by the number of feminine beauties looking for love. However, after the sex reassignment surgery, many transgender women find … Read More Femininity Guide For Trans Women

Looking in Colorado For Voice Surgeons :)