I am a MtF Transgender Woman wanting to share her experiences of transitioning, gender identity, and being a transexual woman in today’s society.

This blog is about me exploring gender identity. The longing to express the feminine and understand the butch.  It’s a perspective of my self-transformation as a Transgender Woman discovering and finding my true identity. Going beyond the beauty normative and embracing all of it!  The difficulty finding my inner beauty and divine ugliness. It’s about individualistic beauty and the struggle I have found to redefine beauty beyond the social normative.

How do people affirm and express a True Feminine Identity?

Is there such a thing as Divine Ugliness?

What is the new definition of Beauty?

How do you make beauty fit you, not you fit beauty?

These are the questions I obsess about every night.  My name is Camille, and it’s nice to meet you finally.💋



Email: Camille@fallingforcamille.com

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