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Interview with Caroline Cossey (Tula) on Arsenio Hall.

Interview with Caroline Cossey (Tula) on Arsenio Hall.  She has always been an idol of mine! enjoy….. Caroline Cossey (born 31 August 1954) is an English model. She has appeared in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, and in 1991 was the first trans woman to pose for Playboy. Following her appearance in the Bond film in 1981, she was outed by British … Read More Interview with Caroline Cossey (Tula) on Arsenio Hall.

Falling for Camille

An amazing design done by Mandi May Doodles! Check out her blog! She’s an amazing artist


Do Blondes Have More Fun?

I guess I’ll find out 😉


Happy Pride Month

Happy Pride Month #transpride #lgbtq #transgender #pridemonth #pride🌈 #werehereandwerequeer


Camille Transgender Model is on Pinterest

Camille Transgender Model Pinterest   Check out my Pinterest page 💋


Amazing drawing from Mandi ❤️

via Falling for Camille Amanda May Doodle


My Fashion Queens


Red Ball Runway



Back to work


Good Afternoon Lovelies

Solar Systems (Confessions of the Heart) Featuring Transgender Musician turn Actress: Niara Solarris and also featuring Sir Maximus Esquire of E&K

Love Is Love Is Love (Charity Cabaret) – #Hashtags #AfterHours Segue into Album SNEAK PEAK of Solar Systems (Confessions of the Heart) featuring E&K’s Sir Maximus Esquire and Niara Solarris of Metok Music in conjunction with Wordlife Entertainment/Ventures Beyond      


Facial Feminization Surgery

Sorry, I haven’t been here for a while.  Here is a picture of mw right after the surgery and some of the bruises.