City Magick Part 2

City Magick Part 2


As a continuation from my rant from yesterday, I had a eureka moment this week.  For decades, I have been trying to study witchcraft with fluctuations of high and low success.  I would feel myself becoming resentful and jealous at wilderness retreats where my fellow witches would get a surge of energy.  I felt that the outdoors felt like a hospital, it was a great place to heal but a depressing place to be.  I would leave these retreats the opposite of everyone else, the best way to describe it was soul sucked.  I felt depressed, anxious, and drained the longer I spent in the mountains of Colorado.  This was a bizarre reaction considering I wanted to be witch. When I would try to go back to the city to get recharged, people looked at me like I was crazy.  I have always lived by the motto, “Look where everyone is going and run the other direction.” This was a struggle until I went to New York city.  As I was walking in Manhattan, I felt alive for the first time in decades! At first I thought it was because I learned how to tap into smaller amounts of energy from nature in the city, like Central Park.  This wasn’t the case, I was getting my energy from the streets, buildings, people, sirens, you name it.  Then it hit me, I was a city witch! The dots finally connected! My most depressing times were when I lived in the mountains and country.  My greatest happiness was when I was living in Denver and worked in the heart of it.  This started a chain reaction, I get my energy from city life, my mythology is rock stars and movies, my modern muses and goddesses were suicide girls and the gothic culture. It was time for a change, out with the old and in with the new.  Traditional witchcraft with entries old mythology felt sterile and dead, the opposite of what I wanted from witchcraft.  I needed to start a new path! I finally found the missing link in my Book Of Shadows: To replace nature with urban.  Now it’s time to rewrite my Book of Shadows with this new insight.  I want to blog and posts this journey now that I have the final piece in place.  It’s time to publish my Book Of Shadows. The skyscrapers are my temples, nightclubs are my coven and the subways my underworld, it’s time for a new path. A path of City Magick.

City Magick Part 1

City Magick Part 1


 So many books on witchcraft revolve around the energy of mother earth and nature.  While I love and honor nature, I seem to get more energy from the city.  The skyscrapers of New York and the concrete jungle is where I feel at home.  I I’ve in Denver, but I rarely go to the mountains to get refreshed or energy for magical work.  The city is where I find my recharge! I find it interesting that out of all the books out there on witchcraft, there are only a handful dedicated towards our metropolitan lifestyle. Not every witch wants a drum circle in the woods to celebrate the Sabbaths.  I would love to see a book on witchcraft for those of us into electronic music, digital alchemy, concrete temples and who prefer a loud boom box over a drum circle. The energy of the city has it’s magical elements and the psychic energy of city people are undeniable. This post is just a quick rant that not all witches prefer the nature based paths, but crave the energy of skyscrapers and traffic lights.  I feel that city magick needs to be explored, and may be the base of my magical work for the next year.  To translate nature based workshops into a usable path for the urban witch.  It’s time for witchcraft to grow and include those of us who prefer the energy of the city night.

Witch's Body/ Witch’s Mind

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During my meditations this week, I’ve been struggling with Inner and Outer Temples and how they can work together.  It’s always been common knowledge for me that witchcraft involved both the physical and spiritual, but I still didn’t feel like I got it.  I began trying to use different tools to help my logical side make sense of it all.  In the most basic form, I thought of my inner self and outer self as the separation and was curious how they communicate and work together.  When I used this model, I could connect to my body but not my mind.  Even though my inner temple was suppose to be my mind, it felt more connected to aspects of my self.  These aspects were auras, psychic energy, vibrations, things that are still connected to the body somehow.  The I could connect to my body, but not my mind. This caused me to step back and really think, what are my true temples and how are they connected?  I came to the simplest model I could find, The low magick world of the physical  and the high magick world of the metaphysical.  When I approach witchcraft now, I begin by becoming aware of my body energy and link that to low magick.  My high magick self is the one who connects to the Goddess, The Universe, or whatever term I feel comfortable using at the time.  By approaching witchcraft with my own definitions of Low and High Magick it helps me separate the purpose and functions of different aspects of the craft.  The communications between the two worlds is where spirituality comes in.  Spirituality serves as a communication tool between the high and low magick words I’ve created.  I had a strong spiritual communication and a very solid foundations on both Low and High magick, but still, not a working craft for me.  What the hell was going on with me? The answer came when I truly made a connection between the two with a brutal honest spiritual communication, my body and mind were out of sync.

The witch’s mind and high magick I do is very female, but my body is male.  This brought a huge discovery for me, I wanted to have the two meet once and for all.  I began looking at Gender Dysmorphia and the Transgender journey.  These concepts rang true for me! It was exactly what I was gong through!  I was tired of bouncing and ego hopping between body magick and mind magick or low and high magick.  I wanted my body to fit my mind, I wanted witchcraft and this connection to finally make sense. I began my transgender journey with this in mind with the goddesses blessings and have never felt a stronger connection to myself.  While this concept is simple and elementary, for someone who is in the wrong body this could be a huge obstacle.  In order to have a complete witchcraft experience, a witch needs to become get back to basics and become aware of their body and mind and how the spiritually communicate. There is a difference between understanding this concept and knowing this concept.  For the first time in my life, I don’t only understand this connection, I know this connection.


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