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Liars Courtroom

I am troubled immensely I can feel the state in the rain Your words took flight without wings In the air They concealed what your eye can not see Double your pleasure Doesn’t do her justice But only a single word could touch this Do the scriptures tell a terrible lie? Or do they explain whats behind her eyes Slam the door Turn out … Read More Liars Courtroom

Unexpected Guest

Upsy Daisy lazy sinner A new day faces you Will you follow the light of the north or the south? It is the 7th day I pray 2 thee To free her of pain and mockery Screaming at the unborn eye Of pampered love and strange requests That only happens when she’s undressed Pray for death to free your life From the secret stress … Read More Unexpected Guest

Sylvia Plath Reads Lady Lazarus

Dedicated to Camille

The Crossroads

Three Paths of The Crossroads: Nature Based: Science, Healing, Balanced Service Based: The Advancing Of Humanity Conscious Based: Mono-Mythology It’s been a while since I blogged about the occult, so here I am. When I was at the crossroads of where I wanted to go, I actually stayed stuck there for a while. It wasn’t about trying to find what I was interested in, … Read More The Crossroads