Category: The Revolution: Transgender Poetry


Colored Shells

You set sail as I sleep Push away at the siren Set sail with just a kiss Drown in the waters when you are missed The siren blows, it’s time to go Holding in fear I grab you closer To the feeling I feel Kiss me goodbye It’s time to depart for a while Standing on the shore With nothing to show But a … Read More Colored Shells


Sects, Blood, & Rock ’n’ Roll

A haunted silence is filled with my world Transforming suicide into a solitude dance A dance we can only see Stars that shine for us again Again and again We leave the world of the sane Like droplets of blood That cures a whispers kiss We deny it ever happened But it’s here to stay My forked tongue gives you two paths The lower … Read More Sects, Blood, & Rock ’n’ Roll