Jonny Edward Photo Shoot: 12/15/2017: White Dress

Model: Camille Hansen

Photographer: Jonny Edward : https://jonnyedward.com/contact/


Miltermedia PHOTO & VIDEO: Red Ball Fashion Show: Denver 2017

First Group of Transgender Models To Walk The Runway

Featuring Camille Hansen.

Red Ball Fashion Show Denver: 2017

Please enjoy another Red Ball Fashion and Hair Show 2017 segment with Richard Smith Lazaro Velazquez Stephanie Maner Lissa Leticia de Gonzales . Moore segments coming soon. please like my page
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Red Ball Runway




Back to work


Red Ball Denver Fashion Show 2017




Good Afternoon Lovelies


Solar Systems (Confessions of the Heart) Featuring Transgender Musician turn Actress: Niara Solarris and also featuring Sir Maximus Esquire of E&K

Love Is Love Is Love (Charity Cabaret) – #Hashtags #AfterHours Segue into Album SNEAK PEAK of Solar Systems (Confessions of the Heart) featuring E&K’s Sir Maximus Esquire and Niara Solarris of Metok Music in conjunction with Wordlife Entertainment/Ventures Beyond