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Denver Health brings gender surgery back to Colorado

  Dr. Jennifer Hyer at Denver Health is one of the few physicians in the U.S. who performs vaginoplasty. “We’ve really underestimated what this surgery does for people,” she said. Author: Jeremy Moore Published: 7:09 PM MST February 22, 2019 Updated: 10:27 PM MST February 25, 2019 DENVER — Denver Health has become a pioneering hospital in gender confirmation surgery. Only an estimated 10 … Read More Denver Health brings gender surgery back to Colorado


Falling For Camille: Plot Synopsis

Falling For Camille Marc is a middle aged man who has reached the American dream of a wife, house, car and stable job.  This dream quickly becomes a nightmare as his gender dysphoria begins to haunt him.  Marc’s loving wife of 15 years, Tabatha, is a faithful and very romantic partner who is nothing less than Marc’s soulmate he wants to spend his life … Read More Falling For Camille: Plot Synopsis


Denver Unique Week Of Fashion 2018

Denver Unique Week Of Fashion 2018 Event: Denver’s Unique Week Of Fashion: Jana Smith Make Up and Hair: Stacey James Clothing Designer: Shania Shaina Swallow Dates: 04, 02/03/ 2018


Red Ball Denver Fashion Show 2017



The Revolution

The Revolution: When two are in love It’s not boy meets girl It’s girl meets girl As one A one night stand Is the playground that creates a madman When a heart is saddened By the thought of a woman face The sounds of crying Caused by lying Curses made in the dark Unsheltered hearts look for cover From the rain of pain The … Read More The Revolution