Talk To The Air


Talk To The Air:

Here we are again my friend

Walking the road of timeless sin

We are married to shattered dreams

A crack in the sky

The kind that makes loved ones cry

and our own heart scream

To finally break free from your soul,

But now where shall we go?

From loving an empty emotion without a goal

A contradiction, an empty kiss

Loneliness calls you her friend,

Then takes you by the hand

Turns you into a woman

Lose yourself in the evening sky

Love yourself in the rain

Change your gender, change your name

You will never be the same

A male memory

Talk to the air,

She’ll always listen

She’ll always care

Even when you feel

Like you’re going nowhere

I want you to break away from the old, create a new

But tonight my love, it’s all up to you


Unexpected Guest

Unexpected Guest: 


Upsy Daisy lazy sinner

A new day faces you

Will you follow the light of the north or the south?

It is the 7th day I pray 2 thee

To free her of pain and mockery

Screaming at the unborn eye

Of pampered love and strange requests

That only happens when she’s undressed

Pray for death to free your life

From the secret stress

Are we waiting for the unexpected guest?

Get Out! You’re not welcome!

Portraits of pleasure and pain in stained glass treasure

Can you see your reflection?

Pull the trigger it’s not a joke

Slice your wrists and cut your throat

You will be caught in a flood

Without a boat

The only way you’ll be saved is

If you have some hope

Immaculate dreams and pleasurable screams

They push me away

You caused a scene

In purple portraits of love and lust

Will happen no more

All beds will rusts

Here covers a rumor

Wasn’t expected for 7 years

But it came much sooner

We are gathered around the table

In a dim lit room


Now take a look around

We are laughing at funerals

And laughing at clowns

Listen, do you here a sound?

Your fate is closer from kissing

The unexpected guest

Will give you no rest

She’ll cry your tears

And pray for death

Will you open your eye little one?

Crackling in the forest

Hiding in trees

Screaming yellow curses

Reacting in pale silver screams

We are engaging in warfare

On the innocent souls

Believing in old fashion ways

Receiving in little ways

Before we kiss deaths tongue

We pray


The Revolution

The Revolution:

78392627-Woman vintage vail

When two are in love

It’s not boy meets girl

It’s girl meets girl

As one

A one night stand

Is the playground

that creates a madman

When a heart is saddened

By the thought of a woman face

The sounds of crying

Caused by lying

Curses made in the dark

Unsheltered hearts look for cover

From the rain of pain

The marching of couples

Creating a revolution

To protect themselves

From the madmen and thieves

Of loves emotions

Possession creates my sword

To protect my world

My life, my soul

Run away for a couple of hours

Up to the wishing well

Throw your words in

Make a wish

Stay with me forever


Judgement Day

Judgement Day:


Orange skies and a yellow moon

Coat the action of the day

The smell of day leaves burning

And the sound of sour vivid blooming

Red broken hills rise from the ground

Candlelight escapes

Creating a new sun

A new focus

Heavy storms comes when the clouds roll in

Tragedy is surely calling

This land is ruled by the sun

Humanity is slowly falling

Contemplating the unknown

When we are alone

To find salvation in a wooden box

My obsession turned to lunacy

A rose jeweled cross

A weapon with a shadow

Prevent a slaughter of the lambs

My life is judgement day

To hang the cross backwards

And taste the bitterness of death

A masochistic whipping

Of all my alter egos

A dark journey

Is about to begin


The Highway

The Highway:


The sun lays down to rest

Behind the shadowed mountains

You follow the road

Dusty boots and second thoughts

Waiting for someone to accept your world

Take you for a ride

When you’re alone

You have no town, no home

A nomad of the highway

You watch the blonde and brunette cars pass by

Dead trees are like old friends

They know your name

They know your secrets

It’s time to leave them behind

And begin your fortune and fame


Stone Walls

Stone Walls:

26418114-Dark Angel Statues Praying

The ceiling is your road

Follow the dotted line

It could be the last thing

You ever see

The alarm went off

It’s time

Don’t cry


You didn’t wish it on me

Nothing will change

All the hearts are the same

Peeking from the clouds

I see you visiting my home

Spinning and dancing

Skipping over stones

Until you hear the news

The wind silences you

Looking at the stone

That bares my names

Dwelling on the sight

Nothing will ever be the same

As grey snow

Falls from the sky

I’m in a peaceful place

Where all things die

Why was I never called back?

I cared too much

Broke the rules

Why was I never called back?

When my emotions took over

I began a new temple path

Go to sleep

I must rest

This new future

Is by far the best

Burying this side of me

My days are done

I go now

In search of a new life

You cried your life away

Put out the fire

Emotions will always burn

Didn’t you know?

You can make death from scratch

Carry your voice

Tonight I want to hear you

I’m waiting

Today is the last day of your life


Lover 777

Lover 777:

126517314-Woman nude holding skull

We entered her town with open arms

Bringing crystals and stones

Dancing with flowers

The guest will be welcomed

For a midnight flight

When she arrives

We’ll begin the ceremony

Lets raise our glass

To toast our sin

We are here

I know it has found us

Purple fires dance in secret desires

Her glowing statue makes her way to me

Undressed at my request

I’m in control of my own weakness

Give a kiss and a gentle touch

To hear how often the silence was broken

An emotional blanket

Smothered the heat of our flames

Ecstasy is the same as fantasy

Of stained memories

It follows us in the shadows

Whispers behind us

In the back of our minds

A vision of lust

In a slow motion world

A kiss pushed her away at the sound of the siren

I’ll stay in her coven

And wait for her endlessly