Gender Dysphoria 

I haven’t had this much Gender Dysphoria and anxiety in a long time. Why the hell does it hit so hard and out of nowhere 😞 I realized getting misgendered on the phone for 40 hours a week has put me in a depression. Ugh…. I wish so much that didn’t tear me down so much. (Sorry for the rant) I need to work on my voice or get some major coping skills.

Niara Solarris – Buffalo 2 Brixton (Prod. by ESV/@Billiarch_beats) UNDERGROUND VIDEO By Metok Music

An amazing song from one of my talented Trans Sisters 🙂

the song drops in November and the pre release is later this month

UNDERGROUND (UNOFFICIAL) VIDEO BY Max Devlin, Kunta Jay and Brandon Harris of Metok Music! Music produced by ESV/@Billiarch_beats.
Vocals, Lyrics composed, written and performed by Niara Solarris at Sit “N” Spin Studios – Greenville, S.C