Gender Dysphoria 

I haven’t had this much Gender Dysphoria and anxiety in a long time. Why the hell does it hit so hard and out of nowhere 😞 I realized getting misgendered on the phone for 40 hours a week has put me in a depression. Ugh…. I wish so much that didn’t tear me down so much. (Sorry for the rant) I need to work on my voice or get some major coping skills.

Niara Solarris (Feat. E&K) – Soon (Where is your God Now!? [Clip] ) / Down (Baby Tell Me)

Check this out from one of my favorite Transgender Artists!!!


Exciting Sexy Bedroom Bangers Collab Featuring Metok Music’s Metok Maximus and Krucifixion as Songwriter/Producer duo’s “E&K” present a Feature with their band “Niara Solarris” previewing Two Clips from their Upcoming Untitled Debut EP (tentatively due 2018/19) !!!!