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Falling For Camille: Story Synopsis

Falling For Camille is about:  Marc is a middle aged man battling gender dysphoria.  When he makes the decision to transition into a woman Marc is faced with the difficult task of finding his authentic self as a woman.  A four year medical journey unfolds as Marc becomes the woman Camille.  Now at the end of her gender transition, she must re-learn and challenge … Read More Falling For Camille: Story Synopsis


Sexual Metamorphosis by Jonathan Ames

I’m currently reading this book and absolutly LOVE IT!!!!  It’s a must for anyone who wants a taste of all the diffent types of transgender journeys there are out there.  It’s amazing how many things we share and how unique our journey is at the same time. -Xoxo  Camille (Book blurb copied from Amazon.com) But who could describe my fright when, on the next … Read More Sexual Metamorphosis by Jonathan Ames