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Solar Systems (Confessions of the Heart) Featuring Transgender Musician turn Actress: Niara Solarris and also featuring Sir Maximus Esquire of E&K

Love Is Love Is Love (Charity Cabaret) – #Hashtags #AfterHours Segue into Album SNEAK PEAK of Solar Systems (Confessions of the Heart) featuring E&K’s Sir Maximus Esquire and Niara Solarris of Metok Music in conjunction with Wordlife Entertainment/Ventures Beyond      

Niara Solarris (Feat. E&K) – Soon (Where is your God Now!? [Clip] ) / Down (Baby Tell Me)

Check this out from one of my favorite Transgender Artists!!!   Exciting Sexy Bedroom Bangers Collab Featuring Metok Music’s Metok Maximus and Krucifixion as Songwriter/Producer duo’s “E&K” present a Feature with their band “Niara Solarris” previewing Two Clips from their Upcoming Untitled Debut EP (tentatively due 2018/19) !!!!

Niara Solarris’ Interview for TRSV Radio Station

Niara Solarris’ Interview for TRSV Radio Station Oct 23 2016 – Metok Music LLC – Max Devlin & Brandon Harris Listen Live : http://therisingstarventures.com/inde…  


Buffalo 2 Brixton – Single Niara Solarris

Here is my Trans sisters Niara’s Single!!!! Get on iTunes: Buffalo 2 Brixton    

Niara Solarris – Buffalo 2 Brixton (Prod. by ESV/@Billiarch_beats) UNDERGROUND VIDEO By Metok Music

An amazing song from one of my talented Trans Sisters 🙂 the song drops in November and the pre release is later this month UNDERGROUND (UNOFFICIAL) VIDEO BY Max Devlin, Kunta Jay and Brandon Harris of Metok Music! Music produced by ESV/@Billiarch_beats. Vocals, Lyrics composed, written and performed by Niara Solarris at Sit “N” Spin Studios – Greenville, S.C