Talk To The Air


Talk To The Air:

Here we are again my friend

Walking the road of timeless sin

We are married to shattered dreams

A crack in the sky

The kind that makes loved ones cry

and our own heart scream

To finally break free from your soul,

But now where shall we go?

From loving an empty emotion without a goal

A contradiction, an empty kiss

Loneliness calls you her friend,

Then takes you by the hand

Turns you into a woman

Lose yourself in the evening sky

Love yourself in the rain

Change your gender, change your name

You will never be the same

A male memory

Talk to the air,

She’ll always listen

She’ll always care

Even when you feel

Like you’re going nowhere

I want you to break away from the old, create a new

But tonight my love, it’s all up to you


The Revolution

The Revolution:

78392627-Woman vintage vail

When two are in love

It’s not boy meets girl

It’s girl meets girl

As one

A one night stand

Is the playground

that creates a madman

When a heart is saddened

By the thought of a woman face

The sounds of crying

Caused by lying

Curses made in the dark

Unsheltered hearts look for cover

From the rain of pain

The marching of couples

Creating a revolution

To protect themselves

From the madmen and thieves

Of loves emotions

Possession creates my sword

To protect my world

My life, my soul

Run away for a couple of hours

Up to the wishing well

Throw your words in

Make a wish

Stay with me forever