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Red Ball Denver Fashion Show 2017



Facial Feminization Surgery Coming Soon

Just days before my surgery, I’m 2 parts excited and 2 parts nervous. In 2 days I’ll get Facial Feminization Surgery and will have a completely new feminized appearance. Another big step in my transition.


Becoming Free: Sky-Clad Dreams

Becoming free ❤️


What Is Transgender? Part 1: Gender Dysphoria: My Journey

What Is Transgender? Part 1: Gender Dysphoria: My Journey As a member of the Transgender community, I feel it is my duty to help fill the void that is out there on what exactly is Transgender. This subject in itself could be a full book, but I wanted to lend some insight and make a quick read help elevate misconceptions and present correct terminology. … Read More What Is Transgender? Part 1: Gender Dysphoria: My Journey


Talk To The Air

Talk To The Air: Here we are again my friend Walking the road of timeless sin We are married to shattered dreams A crack in the sky The kind that makes loved ones cry and our own heart scream To finally break free from your soul, But now where shall we go? From loving an empty emotion without a goal A contradiction, an empty … Read More Talk To The Air


Progress Update

Here I am, a little over a year of HRT.  I’m feeling like thing are changing and I’m getting closer and closer to being my true gender 🙂  

A Thought About Spells

When practicing magic with a darker intention, you have to know yourself! There is no way around this. Many witches a drawn to the left hand path for the excuse to become evil or run wild without any consequences. There could be nothing further from the truth. When you practice magic without moral judgements and the ability to use black and/or white magic, the … Read More A Thought About Spells